Z-Wave It Yourself

ZIY is an Arduino compatible board with Z-Wave built-in. Build and connect your own devices to a smart home network.

How It Works

Connecting your own devices to your home automation network is easy.

  • 1

    Build It

    Build your device using the Arduino Platform. Take advantage of the mass amount of Arduino tutorials including examples on our forum.

  • 2

    Connect It

    Push the include button on the ZIY board to join your Z-Wave Network.

  • 3

    Use It

    Compatible with existing Z-wave controllers and apps. Interact with your device using your phone, tablet or computer. Schedule your device to turn on or off, read sensor values, talk to other devices on your home automation network.

Easily control your cool stuff with your home automation system

DIY Z-Wave


  • Arduino Compatible

    Based on the popular ATMega328 chip used in traditional Arduinos, making it 100% compatible with the Arduino programming environment.

  • ZIY Library

    A library to easily communicate with the Z-Wave Module.

  • Frequencies

    Support for the following regions: 868 MHz, 908 MHz and 921 MHz
  • Z-Wave Compatible

    The onboard Sigma Designs ZM5202 module allows you to control your device using existing Z-Wave controllers and apps.

  • Multilevel Switch

    Send and receive on, off and level value data.

  • Multilevel Sensor

    Send binary state changes like opened, closed, motion or tilt. Send sensor data like temperature, humidity values.

ZIY Shield

Resolving the issue with synchronization in old version

Grove Modules

Solderless connection of Grove Modules from Seeed Studio

ZIY Grove Shield

ZIY Grove Shield

Build your project quickly and easily.



  • 18 Total GPIO Pins
  • 16 Digital Pins
  • 7 Analog Pins
  • 4 PWM Channels
  • Onboard 3.3V Regulator
  • Serial Communication:
    UART, SPI, I2C
  • LEDs for serial communication
  • Onboard LED - LED 4


  • ATmega328p with modified bootloader
  • 16 MHz Clock Speed
  • 32 KB Flash Memory
  • 2 KB SRAM
  • 1 KB EPROM


  • ZM5202
  • Integrated MCU and RF transceiver
  • 128kB Flash
  • 16kB SRAM
  • Power: 3.3v


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